Two very different women have positively influenced my last few days. One woman is Black, one woman is White. Neither knows the other and probably would not ever get to know one another. They are about four years apart in age, born on opposite sides of the United States and in very different families. Yet, because of who they are, they have helped me to see life a little differently.

One woman tells herself and others, that she is beautiful and that she has been beautiful since birth. The world around her does not see that beauty in her skin color and size. BUT I see her beauty! She is a brave woman to go into her life with the belief that she is even better than “OK” because she exists and is beautiful. I applaud her for this, she has helped me to smile at myself more because of her attitude. I find her pursuit of her dreams so encouraging that I am no longer going to be afraid of my dreams but to move on!

The other woman has not always thought of herself as beautiful, but the world around her has seen her as “average” not bothering to look at her skin or size. This woman, too, has a dream that she is pursuing. She has critics, but her courage has taken her on a different course of action. Now that she is following her dreams she is beautiful and confident.  I find myself standing taller and perceiving myself as more beautiful and courageous than ever before after reading this woman’s book.

I am a better person today, because of the dreams of these two women in their 30s. I am so glad that they did not wait until they were in their 60s, like me, to pursue and live their dreams.

Thank you Gabourey Sidibe and Sarah A. Chrisman. You ROCK!