Last night my husband and I went to the local Office Depot and had a young man, named Rod, help us dispose of all my journals, and my husband’s parents papers! WOW! 93 pounds of clutter! What a relief to have it all in those secure bins headed to the Shredder today. We walked out of the store laughing. We had eliminated YEARS of paper that we have been slaves to. Yes, we hauled this stuff with us from Rapid City, SD in 2015 and have stored it in the closet and on the porch for 17 months. Dumb!

I actually felt light and airy, when we walked out of that store. It was like paying off a big debt or getting an all-clear on a medical test; it was exhilarating. We quickly drove to an ice cream store, that I frequented in my youth, Baskin Robbins, and ate ice cream cones, while sitting in our car in the rain. It was fun and I felt like a child again, but in a different family.

I was amazed as I read over some of the journals at how much my husband and I put up with from our parents, our churches and ourselves as we lived the life that was ours for the last 38 years. So glad that now we can go on and be the NEW people that we want to be, without complaining about the past, because we can’t remember it! There is no way for me to “look it up” anymore. I am truly FREE.


My new endeavor. My new excitement. I found in one of my Bookbinding how-to books, the method for using fabric covers for books. I had originally planned on incorporating my hand-woven fabric into my bookbinding, but wasn’t sure how to do it properly. Now I have the information. I also have another bookbinding class in a couple of weeks to attend and that should answer the bunch of questions that I have. I need to “see” what is meant, not just merely read it.

I am excited to continue to pursue new places and new crafts and incorporate my older crafts with the new ones. I am all about living life now, especially since I had all my journals shredded! Yay Me!

These are a couple of my first little stitched books, made from playing cards and some lovely green striped paper. They are very small, but cute.


This cute little “Hello Kitty” booklet was made special for a dear friend of mine. I found the stickers and made her a “one-of-a-kind” book. She loved it, as she LOVES “Hello Kitty” even though she is a Grandma!


These last ones were a lot of fun. The tall book on the left is made with a re-cycled Ghiraradelli chocolate bag, hand torn paper and a ribbon of handspun alpaca. The Mini Books have vintage buttons on their spines.

I am no expert or official, just a girl who wants to bind books!

Oh, and today we are having SUNshine and 60 degrees here in Washington! YAY!