Heat Wave Over


It has been rather HOT here in western Washington. I know, not as hot as some other places, but too hot for us. We had purchased a portable Air Conditioner a few months ago and it really came in handy for us these last two weeks.  But, on Saturday night it started raining, a lovely Washington style rain: gentle and steady. It was still raining on Sunday morning and we enjoyed getting wet as we walked to the car and then into church. Today, it is cloudy, no rain and a sense of well-being. The rain washed away the smoke from the fires in British Columbia, Canada, and the heat wave is gone.  The photo shows the smoky skies over the Puget Sound in Edmonds last week.  This is still the most beautiful place to live and we are very happy to have the opportunity to do that.

We had a “picnic dinner” at this spot last night, but the skies were cloudy grey from rain not cloudy brown from smoke.